How to Reduce Truckload Spend: Get Competitive

Posted on January 07, 2019

It’s often stated that relationships play a key role in business growth. Every sales or marketing class, business executive, or YouTube video out there will tell you the same thing: focus on and grow relationships. Utilizing a preferred carrier is costing you money. When it comes to moving FTL freight at the lowest price, it’s time to break up with your carrier.

How do I Get Competitive FTL Rates?

Plain and simple – request for quotes (RFQ’s) will be the most efficient way to get competitive rates. Be ready to provide details of what you’re moving, where you move it, how often, etc. Get local carrier e-mails and send out a mass RFQ with all carriers BCC’d.

Tip: If you’re a high-volume shipper, make sure a reference number is utilized in your subject line to stay organized. 

What if Other Carriers Can’t Maintain Service Levels?

They can. If not, get bids from a different company who can. The more companies bidding on your freight, the better your rate will be. In such a competitive market, you can source 30+ carrier companies with a 15-minute Google search.

What if I don’t Want to Seek Other Options?

Do yourself a favor – seek out the current market rate and create a contract, with your preferred carrier, around those rates.  

  • Reach out to a few local transportation companies and have them quote out a common freight move.  
  • Provide dimensions, equipment requirements (dry van, flatbed, step deck, etc.), origin and destination zip codes, and when the freight needs to arrive.
  • Log and compare the quoted cost per mile (CPM) or the all-in lane price.
  • Reach back out to your preferred carrier and let them know you’ve been shopping rates.
  • Provide your newly researched CPM and ask your preferred carrier if can contract future shipments at your newly competitive rate.


4PL companies, like Allyn International, utilize competition amongst carriers to get the lowest price for our clients. We don’t own a fleet of trucks, so our decisions in saving you money remain completely neutral through the entire process. Our focus is matching lowest cost carriers to meet your service needs.

Feel free to reach out with any logistics questions at any time!

Contributor: Corey Hosch 

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