How the Government Shutdown Impacts Freight

Posted on January 02, 2019

The ongoing partial government shutdown will impact some import and export operations. Below is a list of items that could affect importers and exporters:  

  • Customs and Border Protection is open for business and shipments are being released
  • Funding for the EPA has lapsed so any import that requires EPA release might be delayed
  • Other PGAs seem to be funded and won’t be impacted
  • Quotas should not be affected
  • While ports are mostly staffed, national import specialists are furloughed
  • Any updates or repairs with ACE may be delayed
  • CBP website will not be actively managed
  • BIS operations will be slowed, delaying license requests, advisory opinions.
  • Export enforcement will continue
  • SDN list will continue to be updated as necessary

If you have any specific questions as to how your freight operations may be affected by this partial shutdown, please contact Allyn International at  Allyn will keep you posted on the shutdown in regards to any new developments.

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