How an Effective Supply Chain Plays a Vital Role in Valentine’s Day

Posted on January 21, 2019

Heading to the local florist to pick out the perfect bouquet for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day can be an exciting, albeit pricy, experience. Each year, approximately 35% of US adults purchase flowers – bringing in over $2 billion to the floral market. What you may not realize is that over 80% of the flowers that are sold in the United States need to be imported to meet the high demands of the blooming industry. 

What is most impressive about Cupid’s influence on US imports is the “cold chain” management and planning that goes into getting the flowers from Latin America to distributors and customers alike. Growers begin planting Valentine’s Day flowers six months to one year in advance to meet the needs of consumers. For many farmers, harvest begins in January and the bulk of their Valentine’s Day flowers are shipped by February 1.

This year, the US Customs and Border Patrol at Miami International Airport projects to inspect over 800 million flowers coming from Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Costa Rica between January 1 and February 14.  To keep the produce fresh during transit, they are cooled at the time of cutting in the country of origin and transported between 33-37 °F.  The crisp transit prolongs the time it takes for the buds to fully bloom, increasing the lifespan of each flower by over 50%.

When picking out your Valentine’s Day bouquet this year, remember that those flowers traveled quite the distance to bring a little something extra to your budding romance this February.    

Contributor: Alexandra Vikartofsky


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