Flying Cars and Hoverboards? A Real Look at the Future of Logistics

Posted on January 03, 2019

In a not so distant past, we looked at the year 2000 through the eyes of Blade Runner and The Jetsons. The hopes for flying cars and hoverboards were instilled in us through pop culture and the movie industry. However, the Logistics and Consumer Markets seem to be the driving forces that will make a future of flying cars a reality for us all. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are becoming more and more mainstream. Proving to be a feasible means of transportation, this future will help in both reducing high fuel consumption, carbon footprints, and traffic the world over.

Picture yourself somewhere on a beach and simply using your phone to order a drink air-delivered in a fraction of the time and leaving a fraction of the carbon footprint: sounds like you are going to need a dedicated delivery method and the handling, troubleshooting and maintenance thereof. Logistics and

Supply Chain enthusiasts, rejoice! Things like inventory tracking, management, parcel delivery of food, and medical supplies are all real-life factors that are driving this very real, very lucrative commercial segment sky-high (pun intended).

Already a growing market, the drone logistics and transportation segment are projected to undergo a growth from 11.20 Billion USD by 2022 to a whopping 29.06 Billion USD by 2027. Noting this growth is more than double in market cap in just five years, we can assume consumer market heavy-hitters such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Google will be driving increasing investments to make a drone-delivered pizza as common as handheld devices. Think 2-day shipping is fast? Imagine getting your delivery within hours. Drones are making this dream a reality.

The transportation market will see a boom in its use of drones thus facilitating the delivery of consumer goods, advancing security surveillance, robotics, military and commercial infrastructure growth resulting in hundreds of thousands of jobs. Logistics and transportation markets will need to adapt to this fast-expansion, incorporating the use of this new delivery method to their arsenal. With an already high demand for truck drivers (63,000 vacancies as of Q3, 2018) and boasting a massive 57.7% of all U.S based deliveries, the trucking industry will perhaps see some relief in its workload as this market expands higher into our skies, and closer to our front steps.

Contributor: Marlon Ramirez 

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